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Womyn's well-being


Supporting and nourishing our bodies is vital to our health and well-being.  Our pelvises are often in need of additional love and care, and through therapeutic steams and abdominal packs, we can help to fortify (further support) the body in a deep and profound way.

Yoni steaming is the practice of using hot water infused fresh and/or dried herbs to steam the vagina and other pelvic floor muscles and organs. As the water breaks open the cellular walls of the plants, their therapeutic and beneficial components are released into the steam and travel up to this highly vascular region of the body.

Yoni steams and castor packs, when done in tandem, provide well-rounded total abdominal care.

Yoni Steam- 30-45 minutes  $35

Castor Pack- 45 minutes  $60

Combination- 90 minutes  $90

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