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About Dreamseed

I’m Liz, and I am so pleased that you are interested in being a part of what I am creating and sharing here. At it’s heart, Dreamseed is a spirit-centered union of sacred practices and ceremonies, herbal wellness, and traditional wisdom education. 


I feel our individual journeys of healing and empowerment find their deepest roots through acts of sharing, connecting deeper to the natural world, honoring creative expression, finding the sacred in our daily lives, and being in community and heart-aligned spaces. With this in mind, Dreamseed takes an alchemical approach to healing and connection, weaving together plant knowledge, authentic creativity, divine feminine goddess energy, and traditional earth practices through ritual and ceremony. 


Whether bringing it all together or using the parts individually, Dreamseed’s offerings are designed to help you explore your personal path, while infusing it with heart-led energy and expression. Committed to helping nurture your journey, I invite you to step into the world of Dreamseed where herbal wisdom intertwines with the sacred arts. 

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