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    Named after Mayauel, an Aztec goddess who brought comfort after pain, this steam provides comforting support for release and compassionate healing after sexual abuse and/or trauma. Finding healing through a regained sense of control over your body, as well the support to release emotions and any physical energy held in the pelvis and sexual organs is an important part of the recovery process.


    In creating the Mayauel blend, we called on herbs that both energetically and physically cleanse, as well as calm and support the body.  Among the herbs chosen are white sage, a plant ally used for the removal of negative or stagnant energy; lemon balm for calming the body and the mind of anxiety and/or emotional highs and lows; and rose for tending to the heart, and helping to open up the energetics of trust, and love.  We also utilized the powerful energy of flower essences to add further healing to this steam.

Mayauel Goddess Steam- Trauma Recovery

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  • Do to personal nature of our herbal goods and natural ingredients used, we are unable to accept returns on any open goods.

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