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  • Ix Chel Wisdom 


    Named after Ix Chel, the Mayan goddess of women's health, this blend is crafted for women stepping into menopause.  A time of life when our bodies are changing yet again. A time when the children are gone, we have learned so much from our life experiences and society calls us to be the wisdom givers, the guides to younger women still walking their fertile-time path.  Turn to this blend of awakening and embracing crone wisdom, and body metamorphosis.


    This blend calls upon herbs for the feminine body to soothe and lubricate tissues, to tone organs, and engage the spirit; we use flower essences and essential oils to yet further connect the mind and body in the midst of change.

Ix Chel Goddess Steam-

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Do to personal nature of our herbal goods and natural ingredients used, we are unable to accept returns on any open goods.

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