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Hummingbirds make me swoon. From their unique wing movements to the brillant flashes of light they bring such energy and magic to their environment. 

Hummingbirds are often seen as symbols of joy and happiness, and  associated with themes of high energy and the movement of energy. 

Using high vibrational oils, in combination of flowers from hummingbird attractive plants, I have created an *anointing oil to honor and connect with the spirit of these magical birds. 

Oil Profile:

Scent- Floral, Sweet

Vibration- High

Energy Medicine- Excellent for taping into joy and creativity, for elevating your spirit, deeper connection to hummingbirds


*Anointing is the practice of using substances (oils, water, paste, etc...) applied to the body, and objects to hold space and energy for a specific intention or purpose.

Hummingbird Spirit Oil

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