• Hina Wisdom 


    Named after Hina, a Hawaiian lunar goddess who governs all phases of the moon and is the essence of feminine energy, this steam is all about honoring and celebrating a womyn's unique moon cycle.  Setting aside time to be in sacred space with your body and coming into right relationship with your individual cycle is an important part of self-awareness, and can aid in a fuller understanding of your own feminine energy.  


    The Hina blend calls on some of our more sumptuous herbs. Herbs that in their essence herald the feminine spirit, and encourage the heart-uterus connection. Red raspberry leaf (which has been long been honored as a female tonic herb), and marshmallow (for its soft, moistening properties) are combined with a lovely variety of herbs and flowers, flower essences and essential oils to create this rather "juicy" blend.  


    A small moonstone is included with the purchase of the three use bag.

Hina Goddess Steam- Womyn's Moon Cycle

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