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    Named after Hebe, the goddess of youth, this steam is for young women just coming into their moon (or menstruation) cycle.  Sharing with and teaching a young woman, early in her life the importance of honoring her body & spirit through the act of self-care is invaluable gift.  A gift that helps to set the tone for the way she views her self, her body, her worth.  Turn to this steam to honor early moons with comfort and encouraged body connection.


    This steam is called upon the great female health herbs of raspberry leaf and motherwort, calming herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender, as well as soothing and tonic herbs.  We also formulate this blend with alpine lily flower essence to help the fostering of body connection and positive self-image

Hebe Goddess Steam- Young Girl's First Moon Cycle

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  • Do to personal nature of our herbal goods and natural ingredients used, we are unable to accept returns on any open goods.

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