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Flower essences are gentle, homeopathic-style extracts that can be taken orally or used topically. They work on an energetic level to help address, shift, and aid in the healing of issues of the soul. They are generally used as a tool in whole-being care. 


Flower Essences -Hummingbird Collection-

This collection of single essences is made in co-creation with the hummingbirds. All of the essences are extracts of hummingbird-attractive flowers. Each bloom was visited by a hummingbird prior to the essence being made, this promotes deeper connection to both hummingbird medicine, and the individual relationship they have with the specific plants.


Collection includes a .5ounce bottle of each of the following essences:

  • Bee Balm- persistence, strength of will, joy
  • Clary Sage- spirit messages, dimensional travel
  • Fuchsia- movement/flow of energy 
  • Marshmallow- gentle but mighty, recognizing the sweetness in life
  • Nasturium- vitality, radiant energy
  • Salvia- body wisdom, higher perspective

Flower Essences -Hummingbird Collection-

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