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Cacao Ceremony


This month the theme of ceremony will be dropping into the space that we are in. The busyness of spring transitioning into summer can be a lot. So we will take time to slow down, connect with ourselves where ever we may, and give ourselves some love.  Cacao is a supreme heart-opening herb that guides us with compassion to a place of receptivity for ourselves.  During this expansive experience we will set intentions, and work with the energy of cacao through guided meditation and sound and be.


This month's theme-

Being in the moment

Self-love & appreciation



Please bring a blanket or towel to sit on, an item of personal significance for the altar. You may also wish to bring a journal or something to write down anything that comes up. (More details provided after registration).

All other materials will be provided.


May 18th- Saturday


Location- Hollymead Area of Charlottesville (address on registration)

Cacao Ceremony- May 18th

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