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  • Artemis Wisdom


    Named after Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Moon, this steam is intended as a ceremonial blend. Turn to this steam during the full moon, as a means to embracing her wisdom, as well as the feminine body/heart/soul  - Moon connection through ceremony.  The moon and women are inextricably linked.  The celestial being set to pull the tides of our oceans also  governs women's cycles and the watery flow of emotion.  For many, the moon's phases of new to waxing to full to waning are small phases of one's life.  The time of the full moon is a time to honor that which has come to fullness, a time to connect with self and prepare for the waning to bring us back to a new beginning. We recommend using this powerful energetic phase to set aside time for self-care as part of your communion with Grandmother Moon. 



    We crafted this blend with herbs promoting connection and dreaming. Herbs for honoring and intention. In this blend, we have also added mugwort flower essence and essential oil, as well as rose. We use the uterine toning herb, red raspberry leaf to help build and fortify the womb while calling upon a variety of others, such as lemon balm and rose for their supporting and additionally nourishing qualities.  Energetically we utilize flower essences of alpine lily and borage to encourage a deep connection with self and your desired pregnancy. 

    Please note that steaming is NOT recommended after ovulation if you believe pregnancy is possible.  Please review our steaming guidelines on the Goddess Steam page for further information.

Artemis Goddess Steam- Full Moon Ritual

  • Do to personal nature of our herbal goods and natural ingredients used, we are unable to accept returns on any open goods.

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