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Goddess Steam Lodge

"As womyn, we are juicy, luminous beings each on a path to embrace the unique goddess within us."    


We have been called to create and share beautiful healing space with womyn encourgaing the health, renewal, and release that the practice of vaginal steaming promotes.


The Goddess Steam Lodge provides safe, sacred space to steam, while our steaming circle creates a community atmosphere that allows for connections and communal healing through sharing. This is a unique opportunity for self-care and to nurture the goddess within.

What to expect when you come to the lodge?

Every person's experience at the lodge is different, so we cannot tell you exactly what or how you will feel about your steam time. What we can tell you is the feedback that we recieve from many women is that they experience a calm that promotes relaxation, connection to self, and faciliatates a general sense of opening energeticallly, but every steam is completely individualized.

The lodge altar which we create for each lodge and has a unique energy specific to the group. We also encourage those steaming with us to take time connecting with themselves and the space.

Our space is offered in a communituy steaming circle that does not provide private or individual steaming space. Each person is offered their own steaming vessel, but is done so in an open space. We recommend bringing a towel to wrap around your waist, as well as an openess to share with women around you. We have found that the type of healing that occurs during the lodge is usually quite profound.

Each steam session is usually about 20-minutes and includes  with your choice of one of our many pre-blended batch blends, access to our altar and the sacred space held within

 *Blends can be mixed together 

We are passionate about creating sacred space for everyone who steams with us, and part of that energy is held by the prayer flags you will find inside the lodge. They are the prayers, intentions, and well-wishes of many of the women who have steam with us, that we use to honor, and call in space for each and every lodge. We have strips of fabric and markers available for anyone who wishes to added to them.

We suggest bringing a journal or sketch book, rattle, a book, or other items that help you create healing space for yourself. They are not neccessary, but some do find items such as these helpful. 

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