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What is a dreamseed?

A dreamseed is a thought. A yearning. An inspiration. A dream. A little musing that is forming in your heart and mind, waiting, wanting to be planted and brought into reality.

Last year, around this time Tory and I felt a big transition coming in our business. We didn't know what it was or even when it might arrive. So, we continued to share space with so many wonderful people at conferences and workshops. We created and mused over new preparations. Allowed inspiration to take hold and blossom into all sorts of dreams. Then we arrived at the quiet-time. We listened to the Earth's rhythms encouraging us to slow down, turn within and gather strength. It was time to tend to our spirit fires. So we did.

Dream Seed sketch

One night just into the newness of 2017, I sat sketching. I was overwhelmed with ideas and desires I so badly wanted to make a reality. I drew all these different seeds under the soil, one for each of the ideas I was looking to birth. I had the seeds pushing through to the surface and dropping roots into a fertile soil. Inside of the warm sun that was calling these lovelies to the surface, I wrote words whose energy I wanted to use to grow these seeds. When I finished, I knew this was it. I had just pushed the first seed through the surface and knew this was the next part of this approaching transition. I texted Tory a picture of my sketch, and she LOVED it. She felt the strong connection, as well.

After a quick back and forth as to what part this would play in the transition, I did a quick internet search to find out in what capacity dreamseed was being used. The first item on the search was from a blog post that I had written just over a year before. That confirmed it.

This seed had been planted in me for a year without my conscious knowledge. I could feel it but didn't know what it was, and a year later this precious seedling pushed through and manifested into this beautiful next step, our transition into a new identity.

I looked at all of our passion projects, our preparations and workshops that we love to share and realized that each one of them shared this same process. We had dreamed them, loved them, birthed them, and have derived so much joy out of sharing them with all of you. We had been planting dream seeds all along.

So here we are, beginning our next adventure. Thank you so much for being a part of all that warm, hopeful, loving energy that is needed to push our dream seeds through to the light.

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