Over the years in our classes, during steam lodges, and in individual sessions I have been asked many of the same quesions. Here are are the FAQs I come across the most...

Can I use vaginal steams if I've had a hysterectomy?

      Yes. You can absolutely s...

Time to talk breast care. I'm about to ask you to sit and think about your breasts for a minute...  so maybe get comfy, grab some tea and a piece of paper and pencil because I have some questions for you.

First, when you hear the word breasts, what comes up fo...

Vaginal Steams. Yoni Steams. Pelvic Steams. Goddess Steams. Bajos. Chai-yok. 

Some of the many fabulous names that this valuable practice is called. 

My personal journey with v-steams began several years ago during my herbal apprenticeship. My mentor, the amazing Rosemar...

What is a dreamseed? 

A dreamseed is a thought. A yearning. An inspiration. A dream. A little musing that is forming in your heart and mind, waiting, wanting to be planted and brought into reality.

Last year, around this time Tory and I...

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