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Expand your consciousness.


White Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera ver. alba)

     Coming into alignment with the Sacred

     Activating to 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras


     Journey Work


  Best described as ethereal, and sparkling in nature. Acts as a catalyst


Lotus, or sacred lily, is revered for both its captivating beauty, and its powerful ability to expand and transform your state of being.  Working with this special flower can help you to journey and delve more deeply into in your subconscious through meditation, shamanic work and using the dream state. 

Mildly psychoactive in nature, Lotus, can help improve visualization, activate chakras and further enhance connection to self and journey work.

Another pleasurable benefit of this flower is its a aphrodisiac properities. Relaxing to both mind and body, while mildly warming due to increase circulation this flower helps to promote a sense of euphoria and ease of spirit.


I've worked hard to create a unique elixir befitting of such a revered plant ally. Enjoy!


Uses- Elixir can be added to water, mixed in cocktails and recipes, or taken straight under the tongue.

Everyone has their own sensitivity to plants, and lotus is no different, I recommend trying 1/2-1 dropperful to start and go from there. 

White Lotus Elixir

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