Spiritual bathing is all about the energy!


When you typically take a soak, as blissful as it may be you generally are selecting your bath blends for their ability to relax, invigorate or moisturize and otherwise indulge your body and senses. 


Spiritual bathing works with intention, as well as ingredients to effect the mind, body, and spirit. They can be used for so many things, really anything you are holding space and intention for. Common uses are to awaken, clear, cleanse, gather, move, and release energy.


My Spiritual Bathing Kits include an energetic herbal blend, a blessing herb for before and after, a muslin bag, a candle, an anointing oil, some include a crystal, instructions for use (no prior experience needed), and an affirmation or journal prompt for further exploration. 


Kits Available:

  • Petaloso- Herbal love & light for honoring self and spirit 

    This blend is comprised entirely of dried flower petals for a soft, rich

    feminine energy. 

  • Tender Loving Care- Herbal love & light in a time of grief

    This blend uses emotionally supportive and herbs to calm and lift the  


  • Verdant Guardian- Herbal love & light for establishing boundaries and energetic protection.

    This blend uses energetically protective and cleansing herbs to help in  

    establishing of strong boundaries and defenses.

Spiritual Bathing Kit

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