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Quinde Nectar    -Hummingbird Elixir-

Quinde means hummingbird in Quichua (a native culture indigenous to Central & South America).

        Flavor: Sweet, herbaceous, slightly mint

        Vibration: High-  Very High

        Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus*, Heart*, 3rd Eye, Crown*

              *especially great for use 

        Uses: Connecting with hummingbird energy and self, feeling  

        elevated/joyful, with energy work (specifically the movement of),  

        creative pursuits

        Affirmation: I am connected to the quínde, I am transported on      

                                 their wings.


After traveling to Ecuador to study the spiritual medicine of hummingbirds with Rocío Alarcón, I dreamed of ways to re-create the magic of my experience. Quínde Nectar is part of that dream, a way to connect deeper with the hummingbirds and oneself through their energy and the energy of their choosen plants.


The energy of these magical birds is so profound, and is as beautifully unique as they themselves are. Hummingbirds have the ability to raise the vibration of their environment with their flashes of color, the sound of their beating wings, and their states of being.  


Drawn to brightly colored flowers often with deep, rich flavors, and their own individual energetic vibrations, hummingbirds are able to share some of their wisdom with us through the plants they choose.


Quinde Nectar is one of several elixirs I make as a limited offer and release. The 2023 blend is special to this year. I walked the garden, watching and listening to the hummers and the plants, and I've selected a combination of mostly flowers from a variety of different plants including Anise Hyssop, Hibiscus, and Salvia. All the plants have been heavily pollinated by ruby-throated hummingbirds. 


How to use: 2-5 drops in water or directly under the tongue


Quínde Nectar

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