Queen of Flowers Elixir Pre-Order
Birthed under the spring’s Pink Moon, this special elixir vibrates with love and intention.

A full sensory and energetic experience with its rich color, sweet flavor, and floral scent. Composed of both extracts and essences, Queen of the Flowers Elixir is a complete ROSE preparation. We paired blossoms from both organic and wild rose stands to infuse the full nature and magic of this most revered flower.

Strained through rose quartz, and bottle adorned with crystals to further imbue this enchanting elixir with energetic vibrations.


I swoon for roses, always have. They inspire and intoxicate me. This year to further my ode to the Rose, I've crafted the Queen of Flowers Collection Sets. With five different styles to choose from, and each offering its own unique  opportunity to deepen your relationship with the queen of the flowers, the Rose.


  • White Bud- Elixir + Rose Anointing Oil
  • Red Bud- Elixir + Rose Anointing Shimmer
  • Pink Bud- Elixir + Rose Anointing Oil & Shimmer
  • White Blossom-Elixir + Rose Anointing Oil + Rose Flower Essence + 10mL Hydrosol + Rose Incense
  •  Red Blossom- Elixir + Rose Anointing Shimmer + Rose Flower Essence + 10mL Hydrosol + Rose Incense
  • Pink Blossom- Elixir + Rose Anointing Oil & Shimmer + Rose Flower Essence + 10mL Hydrosol + Rose Incense
  • Hip- Elixir + Rose Body/Bath Oil + Rose Body Scrub + Rose Bath Blend
  • Heirloom- Elixir + 1 of each item
  • Surprise- Can't decide then let me surprise you, I promise an Elixir and 2 other items of my choice

Queen of Flowers Elixir

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