An energy or vibrational essence holds the energetic signature of something- be it a place, a crystal, a plant (you may already be familiar with flower or plant essences), the sky is the limit... These essences work on the idea that the water used holds the imprint, energetic essence, vibrational signature of the place or material, and is then that water is preserved with alcohol (in our case vodka).


By The Light of The Moon Energy Essence is moonlight infused water that is set out during the Full Moon. Each moon I work to further the energy of  the essence using plants, flowers, crystals, oil, and hydrosols to that align with the theme or message of the particular moon.  


This wonderful spiritual tool can be used to anoint the body or tools, added to a bath, added to water supplies, room or body mist, added to a diffuser, dropped into a cup of water (warning if moon water has essential oils DO NOT use for this ingest), or used anytime you want to bring in that specific energy. 


Current Moon Waters-

  • Full Cold Moon December 2019 (hydrosols and essential oil based)
  • Pink Moon  April 2020 (all rose energy)
  • Flower Moon May 2020 (this essence is purple and has 10 different types of flowers infused into it)

By the Light of Moon Energy Essence

Full Moon
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