.M. :  Mother Archetype 

To honor the mother energy this May, I am offering the first in a series of experiences and explorations using plants, art, and journaling to discover and meet the divine feminine archetypes. 


What is an archetype?

The concept of the archetype was first shared by analytical  psychologist, Carl Jung, as a way to describe the images, themes, and underlying patterns that typify certain behavior and energies within ourselves and across cultures through dreams, art, religion, and literature.  An example would be that of a mother depicted as a selfless, nurturer endlessesly giving of her time and love.


.M. is designed to meet you on your own specific journey with the mother archetype, whether to heal, honor, embody, release, etc... We are all on our own path with unique experiences that help us define how we relate to the concept of mother.  This experience is for anyone looking to delve deeper into that relationship. You don't have to be a mother, maybe you mother projects or others that you didn't birth. Maybe you are looking to define and embody your own role within that archetype's energy, or maybe you are looking to address the relationship you have with being mothered. This class is for any person, no matter where you are on your path.


This collection includes an assortment of herbal tools, as well as the basic art supplies to support creative activities designed to help you explore and meet the Mother Archetype where you are on your specfic journey with her energy. Also, included is a devotional candle and journal prompts. This collection can be used individually or be a part of a community experience with opportunity to share with others taking part. 


Collection ships the last week of April for a month-long exploration in May.

.M. : Mother Archetype

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