Earth is quite the bountiful muse. With ART at her heart, she has so much to share with us, if we listen. 
This creative workshop is a magical series designed to guide you deeper into your connection with Earth, and yourself. Through plant journey work we will enter into the creative flow and bring into being unique & soul-filled pieces. 
Each month you sign up for you will recieve a kit containing a verision of the herb we will be journeying and creating with (it may be a tea, an elixir, a flower essence, etc...), and the base materials you will need for the project (example- when we make prayer flags your kit will have fabric, twine, and a fabric marker). However, you are encouraged to use other materials and tools that you may have. I will host a live online event on a set day and time during which we will journey and create together. I will provide instructions with each kit in the case that you are unable to attend, but it is strongly recommended.  
Kits will be available for purchase up to 10 days prior to the live event. This allows for assembly and shipping times. 
All craft levels welcome, however some craft experience is recommeneded. Open to ages 14 and up. 
Themes and Event Dates: 
December 19- Mirrors
January 23- Prayer Flags
February 27- Sacred Water Vessel
March 20- Goddess Art
April 24- Beeswax Candles
May 22- Seed Jewelry
June 26- Altar Cloths
Past Themes:
June 27- Flower mandala on canvas
July 25- Herbal Beads for jewelry
August 22- Feather Fan
September 26- Personal Oracle Cards
October 24- Weaving
November 21- Journal

.eARTh. Creative Workshop

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