Spiritual bathing is all about the energy!


When you typically take a soak, as blissful as it may be you generally are selecting your bath blends for their ability to relax, invigorate or moisturize and otherwise indulge your body and senses. 

Spiritual bathing on the other hand works with intention, as well as ingredients to effect the mind, body, and spirit. They can be used for so many things, really anything you are holding space and intention for. Common uses are to awaken, clear, cleanse, gather, move, and release energy.


Clear & Release Spiritual Bathing blend is for use with intense stuck energy that seems to cling on and needs to be cleared out and released. 


Instructions are included, and no prior experience needed, just an open heart and your intent.Ingredients include: yarrow, sage, calendula, angelica root, mugwort, basil peppermint and salt.

Clear & Release Spiritual Bath

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