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Cacao and Vision Candles


Awaken and align your spirit with seasonal energy through an expansive cacao ceremony. We will engage with the themes and energies  surrounding moving into a new year, what needs to be released and what we are working to bring into focus. We will begin with ceremonial cacao to drop into and become more present with ourselves through mediation and sound, and then you are invited to create a vision candle to use in the coming year. 

Please note this is a two part event.  You are welcome to do either or both. I do recommend doing them together though.


Please bring a blanket or towel to sit on, and an item of personal significance for the altar. You may also wish to bring a journal or something to write down anything that comes up. 

All other materials will be provided.

If you are also doing Vision Candles I do recommed bringing any clippings or embellishments you want to include (magazines to share are always appreciated, as well).


December 30


Vision Candles-1:45p-3:30(ish)

Location- Hollymead Area of Charlottesville (address on registration)

Cacao + Candles- December 30