I love blue lotus! It is one of my favorite plants of all time, and after years of working with its unique magic I felt called to create elixirs that worked with the different attributes of blue lotus (i.e. relaxation, potent aphrodisiac, journeying, etc...).  From this calling comes Blue Lotus + Elixirs with all the magic and consciousness expanding power of the original + a something extra.


Quick words on blue lotus, or sacred blue lily:  a beautiful, powerful herb revered for its ability to help you journey and delve deeply into in your subconscious, and improves visualization skills, making it ideal for meditation, third eye activation and enhancement, and journey work. Another pleasurable benefit of this herb is that it is a powerful aphrodisiac.   


Now for the + : Each + elixir contains only one other herb to focus and enhance  the individual effects of the blue lotus. An additional benefit using a single herb is that because of blue lotus's ability to expand your consciousness it allows to explore deeper into the added herb, as well.


Blue Lotus + :

CBD- grounding, root & sacral chakra work, lower vibration

Damiana- creativity, sacred sex

Passion Flower- dreamwork

Rose- heart-opening

Tulsi- harmonizer, any chakra work, deep work (moving old, stuck energy)

Blue Lotus + .5oz