YAY! You've completed your first trimester!

Welcome to your second trimester, whether this is your first pregnancy or one to follow, we have crafted a wonderfully supportive care box to help you honor this next stage in your childbearing year. At this point, you may start to feel more your settled in your changing body, and begin to experience more physical proof that you are growing a tiny human. You may also continue to feel off balance. The whole of pregnancy is so personal, and we each experience it is different ways.  No matter what your individual journey, this box will help to provide nourishment and care for both your body and spirit. 

Our Second Trimester Box  contains Blossoming Belly cream to begin adorning your belly with a deep moisturizer; Beautiful Bond Spray to keep the connection between you and baby; flower essences to help support your changing psyche; a refill of Blossoming Mama Tea; bath herbs and essences to help alleviate the growing stresses on your body; and additional items to continue to grow your pregnancy altar or sacred space.  

Blossoming Mama Box- Second Trimester