You did it! You made it through your pregnancy, and are ready to bring baby home!

You should be so proud of what you have accomplished, and how amazing you are for the depth, strength of body and mind, and force that you are, as you journey from pregnancy into motherhood. It is no small feat to bring a baby into the world, and your body is in need of loving care to help you heal and be at your best, combine that with the demands of your new wee-one; self-care, and the support of your village is of the utmost importance. We have lovingly crafted this stage's box to provide the supportive herbal care needed for this unique time following delivery. With your box being delivered ideally right before your due date.

Our Postpartum Box contains a peri-bottle, peri-wash herb blend, and peri-repair oil; Heket vaginal steam herbs for postpartum healing; compress herbs; a Cool Relief solution for vaginal and perineum care; rose water for nipple care; You've Got This! Postpartum Tea for soothing frazzled nerves and calming tension and anxiety; an uplifting blend aromatherapy inhaler; flower essences, aromatic spray; and a package of Fairy Kisses (baby's first bath herbs). 

Blossoming Mama Box- Postpartum