Blossoming Mama

Herbal Supported Pregnancy

I just received my third trimester Blossoming Mama kit and love it so much! The presentation is so beautiful that I feel like I'm receiving a gift even when I'm the one who bought it. I love untying the ribbon and lifting the lid. This month it included special Mama Tea, Nipple Balm (which I've been using on my nipples and lips and my two year old also insists on putting on her nose!), labor massage oil, an herbal foot soak (both of which I"m so excited to use during my blessingway this weeken), an uplifting body spray and aromatherapy inhaler, and hibiscus infused honey sticks. Also included was a beautiful photo and affirmation for my birth altar.  I couldn't bring myself to take everything out of the box because it was such a lovely presentation, so it's sitting open for display on top of all my birth supplies. I have so loved every product I have received from Dreamseed Apothecary and look forward to using their products during my postpartum time as well! 

Stephanie Post

Charlottesville, VA

I cannot describe the enormity of support I've received through the beautiful products, love and intention of Dreamseed Apothecary through my pregnancy and first two weeks of pospartum. Teas, baths, spritzes, balms, salves, and more have become regular parts of my daily routines but also accentuated memories from the momentous weekend that made me a mother.  Thank you so very much for all that you do <3

Gwen Bright

Charlottesville, VA

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Our Blossoming Mama  boxes offer a unique, Earth-connected 

support during every phase of your childbearing year. 

Blossoming Mama boxes are crafted and delivered by trimester with herbal goods, and handmade crafts selected for each unique phase of pregnancy, as well as postpartum.  This allows you to have access to the freshest ingredients, as  

well as tailor each box to your own current, individual needs.

A by trimester glimpse at what Blossoming Mama boxes offer...
First Trimester
Personalized seeded Pregnancy Journal
Aromatherapy Inhaler

Blossoming Mama Tea

Bonding Spray

Altar Items

Second Trimester

Blossoming Belly Cream

Bath Preparations

Blossoming Mama Tea


Altar Items

...let us support your blossoming

Third Trimester



Night Nurse Nipple Salve

Aromatherapy Inhaler

Infused honey sticks

Our postpartum box features goods that focus on healing and renewing both the body and mind, as well as celebrarting the birth and first footfalls of a new mom.

We offer options to purchase each box individually, or in bundles. Our bundles offer the same great delievery schedule with the enjoyed advantage of knowing your boxes have already been ordered, and at the bundled discount. Individual boxes generally range in price from $25-$100, with variations depending on customization.  We offer convenient online ordering with shipping, or local pick-up options We do believe that supportive herbal pregnancy care should be available to all, and as such offer a sliding scale to women and families in need.